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Basic Artificial Intelligence Concepts


Understanding the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence is necessary to grasp and explain this technology. Here are the basic concepts related to Artificial Intelligence


Machine learning is a subfield that enables computer systems to learn through experience and data. Algorithms and models in this field learn from data to perform specific tasks. Thanks to the ability to build models and make predictions through examples, ML is utilized in a wide range of applications.


Artificial neural networks are mathematical models that mimic the way the human brain operates. These networks consist of many artificial neurons (cells) that process input data and produce results. Neural networks form the foundation of deep learning modeling.

Automated Decision Making

AI offers automated decision-making capabilities. Based on specific conditions or data analysis, it can make decisions and manage specific tasks automatically. This is used to optimize business processes, reduce risks, and enhance efficiency.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is a branch of artificial intelligence with the ability to understand and process human language. It is used in text analysis, text generation, and language-based tasks. NLP is commonly employed in applications such as voice assistants, text mining, and language translation.


Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning used to solve complex problems using artificial neural networks. Deep learning involves using multi-layered neural networks to analyze and learn from large volumes of data. It is particularly successful in tasks such as image and speech recognition. Data mining is the process of examining large datasets to discover meaningful patterns, relationships, and trends. Data mining is used in artificial intelligence applications to uncover valuable insights and use them for machine learning models.

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