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What is Hypochondria?


Illness Anxiety Disorder is a condition where a person experiences excessive health anxiety and is constantly afraid of having a serious illness. These fears and anxieties can affect the person’s daily life and often lead to frequent medical tests and doctor visits.

Symptoms and Diagnostic Criteria

Constant Health Concern, the person constantly pays excessive attention to small changes or symptoms in their body and interprets these symptoms as signs of a serious illness. Intense Fear of Disease, any physical sign or symptom creates a great fear of illness in the person, and this fear negatively affects the person’s quality of life.

may have obsessive thoughts about health or constantly seek confirmation from others about their health status

More Health-Oriented Behaviors Than Normal

The person may be more meticulous than usual regarding his health. Psychotherapy is generally preferred in the treatment of Illness Anxiety Disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is used as an effective method in this case. During the therapy process, the person is tried to gain the skills to control his fear of illness and healthy thinking.

How Does Hypochondria Affect?

Hypochondria causes the person to live in constant health anxiety. This constant state of anxiety can seriously reduce a person’s quality of daily life. Problems such as hesitation in participating in social events, decreased work performance, and difficulties in family relationships may arise.

People with hypochondria may make frequent doctor visits and spend large amounts of money on unnecessary medical tests

Psychological Effects

Constant illness anxiety increases a person’s stress and anxiety levels. Depression, sleep problems, and other psychological problems may accompany hypochondria. This situation negatively affects the person’s general mental health.

Social Isolation

Hypochondria may cause the individual to stay away from social environments due to constant illness anxiety. This increases the risk of social isolation, loneliness and depression. A person may become introverted, thinking that others do not understand him.

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